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The Future of Management

Future of Management: Book Review, by Gary Hamel with Bill Breen

Monday, we talked about why and how to change our conception of growth in business and economic terms. For a business to create evolutionary growth, rather than only expansion or only a twist on the known offerings, it requires an organization built to innovate. To have a business that can be tuned to such thinking […]

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Sustainability Virtual Summit

Go to a conference virtually. I am “speaking at” the Sustainability Virtual Conference in the US, the Europe and then Asia.March 30- April 1. Sponsored by the UN and Cisco Systems. Check it out.  

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Checklist Manifesto

Checklist Manifesto and Systemic Frameworks

Checklists and Systemic Frameworks are both important approaches to guiding human activity. But they are not interchangeable. Atul Gawande’s new wonderful book, Checklist Manifesto, does not make that clear. There is a real chance, that because of the book’s success and his being a great thinker generally, that many people may get confused about where […]

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Developmental Economies—Story of Place®

McAllen Story of Place The talk I gave at the Seattle Chamber is now up in You Tube in 5 sections. First one is what story of place does for a community. Then Essence, Global Imperative, Vocation/Corporate Direction, Pattern Generating vs. Pattern Following  

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