Most Change Theory and Practices are based on false, error filled, and unproven premises.

In spite of claims. And yet they get passed along as Best Practices. Books are written, programs are developed, by thought leaders, and sold by the thousands, only to fall short of promises leading the business or person to moves on to the next program.

Our technology offers you clear and practical approaches to test any change theory or programs for your organization, community efforts or personal growth, before you start or to examine what you do now. It can even help you make sense of past failures.
Our technology precisely challenges the validity of pop psychology and the damage it causes to human psyche and soul, ultimately, impacting the quality of our Society.

Our technology is translated and tested with study of thousands of years of effective change based on:

  • Indigenous ways of living in community and on the planet from across the world
  • Threads that run through wisdom of all lineage teachers across the world
  • Quantum Cosmology about how the universe works on individual, social, and plenary level.

All with case stories to illustrate application coupled with the reflections of corporate and organization use in the last six decades.

You will have never worked with an approach like this. In the content and process of engaging. We engage you to experience and reflect to disrupt your current certainties and see old situations in new ways…as you engage in our workshops.  Our materials and applications are created in the way that you experience what it is new and meaningful. We demands a different way of reading, exploring and engaging.

That is accomplished even in books through intermezzos, exercises you pause to incorporate, which is like a workbook within a book. See the reflections from the pre-readers on how effective it was for them and the specific effect it had. They say they will never read a book the same way again.

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Carol Sanford has received the Lifetime Trust Award and has recently been added to the 2018 Top Conscious Company Leaders List!


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Carol Sanford Presents  No More Gold Stars – Book #7





Multi-Award Winning Author of Seven Books

No More Gold Stars:

The Oldest AND BEST Researched Way to Create Real Change

No More Gold Stars is drawn from lineage and Indigenous sources and the teachings I have received from my maternal grandfather and others over my lifetime, including those studying with Native American Elders. I have been honored to study with wisdom teachers working globally with spiritual teachings developed over millennia.

I have spent five decades working to render these messages and experiences into a practical human technology that works in day-to-day life. You don’t have to go to an ashram, live a monk’s life, or walk on hot coals to play an effective role in the change we seek to make. You can use No More Gold Stars, which is rooted in these foundations, to test the likelihood of moving the needle when you turn your intentions toward change. The technology it presents is for all humans, the institutions they steward, and those working in the field of change theory itself.

Jeffrey Hollender“Carol Sanford uniquely understands how to develop more conscious, creative, innovative, and intentional human beings. Her work contributed to exponentially increasing the value of my company and perhaps more important, helped us discover that work can be deeply fulfilling in ways that feed your soul.”

Jeffrey Hollender
Founding CEO of Seventh Generation, American Sustainable Business Council and Founding Member of B Corp.

Tom PetersCarol Sanford’s book No More Feedback is clearly on my Top 5 management books of the century to date. It is brilliant, readable, incredibly well researched, contrarian, and ridiculously important.  I would travel many a mile to hear her speak and pray that her audience would listen intently—and act decisively. The world would be the better for it.

Tom Peters
Author In Search of Excellence. Top 5 Management Books of All Time.

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