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120: Four Level of Design Thinking

      Sponsored by Numi Tea and We are REBBL   Today’s topic is Design Thinking which has been used for years in the creative world, particularly product design. But has in the last decade become what might be called a social technology considered important in everything from software behind the hardware, and even […]

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Capitalism is Dead! Long Live Capitalism!

Let’s do local investing in our neighborhoods to make them strong, not just shopping. Join a conversation on how to do that in SoCap.  

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TRC – The Responsible Capitalist – Rosa Lee Harden

Rosa Lee Harden is the co-founder of the largest and most popular conference on Impact Investing, SoCap. She is also an Episcopal priest. She talks to Carol Sanford, host of The Responsible Capitalist Podcast, about how faith can influence investing and why she got into investing. Her answers may surprise you.  

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