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TRC – The Responsible Capitalist – Rosa Lee Harden

Rosa Lee Harden is the co-founder of the largest and most popular conference on Impact Investing, SoCap. She is also an Episcopal priest. She talks to Carol Sanford, host of The Responsible Capitalist Podcast, about how faith can influence investing and why she got into investing. Her answers may surprise you.  

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Michael "Luni" Libes

TRC – The Responsible Capitalist – Michael “Luni” Libes

Michael “Luni” Libes talks with Carol Sanford about his teaching, business investments, and latest venture, FLEDGE.  

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Marianne Abib-Pech

TRC – The Responsible Capitalist – Marianne Abib-pech

Writer and angel investor, Marianne Abib-Pech, tells us how she decides on investments and advises other investors while also considering social challenges.  

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TRE – Responsible Capitalist – Tim Freundlich

Hear Tim Freundlich, President of ImpactAssets and Carol Sanford talk about the idea of externalized cost.  

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TRE – The Responsible Capitalist – Ross Baird

Carol Sanford Interviews Ross Baird of Village Capital for the Responsible Capitalist Podcast. Carol looks at what responsible partnering looks like when you are creating a community of investors and entrepreneurs. Four basic characteristics are addressed. 1) you will be, by definition, coming into a relationship or community, 2) What are the motives for being in […]

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TRE – Responsible Capitalist – Joel Solomon

Carol Sanford interviews Joel Solomon of Renewal Funds.  

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Charly Kleissner

TRE Podcast – The Responsible Capitalist – Charly Kleissner

TRE Podcast – The Responsible Capitalist – Charly Kleissner Hear Responsible Capitalist Charly Kleissner, co-founder of the KL Felicitas Foundation and Carol Sanford discuss how the financial system, and specifically impact investing, can leverage humanity to form healthy relationships with the finite resources on our planet. Toniic and the 100% Impact Network, which Kleissner co-founded as […]

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John Fullerton

TRE Podcast – The Responsible Capitalist – John Fullerton

TRE Podcast – The Responsible Capitalist – John Fullerton Responsible Capitalist John Fullerton, founder of Capital Institute talks with Carol Sanford about creating regenerative economies. Carol tells us the difference between value-adding and value-extractive investing and business management.  

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Paul Herman

TREI Podcast – The Responsible Capitalist – Paul Herman

Hear Paul Herman and Carol Sanford, from two different perspectives tell you about the five arenas that predict success in financial and social terms. Reported in more depth in  Carol’s book The Responsible Business and Paul’s book and company, The HIP Investor (Human Impact Profit and High Impact Portfolio).  

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Leslie Christian

TREI Podcast – The Responsible Capitalist – Leslie Christian

Leslie Christian, the board treasurer for BALLE, tells Carol Sanford why diversification is not all its cracked up to be and why local matters. Carol adds some due diligence criteria to the meaning of LOCAL investing if you want a better impact on the social outcomes as well as financial durability.   To learn more […]

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