The Regenerative Business Development Community

  • Live, webinar-based, multi-company series, with eight online presentations and additional focused work with each company by a member of The Regenerative Business Alliance. Year One: Strategic Direction. Year Two: Industry Leadership. Year Three: Work Design and People Management. Offered on a revolving basis; years can be undertaken in any sequence.
  • The theme of this year’s summit is: Regenerating Democracy Through Business. You will engage with the Epistemology of YOUR Work Design and explore how to evolve it for:
    • Strategic Positioning to make you transformers of Democracy
    • Industry Leadership to realize social and planetary imperatives
    • Work Design and systems to develop core human capacities and a working society

Design an assessment of your Work practices and work design and understand how it directly undermines preparing citizens for participating and governing in democracy. And how to redesign how work structures, systems, and processes are antithetical to democracy. This has little to do with voting people or ways to work; or making your decision-making work like a democracy. It is about the design of decision-making so that it has quality of thinking that is needed in both business and democracy.

Book Clubs 

  • Extensive workbooks and specially recorded video materials to augment the book; workshops, web-based Q&A with the author.
  • Want an online speaker who inspires, but also challenges your attendees? Carol’s online workshops are repeatedly called “original”, “counter intuitive” and “game-changing.” She questions and challenges not only outdated ways of working but also often those that are on top of best practices list.  Online workshops are engaging and mind opening toward more innovative practices.
  • The Institute’s work is education. We develop media and interactive engagements to improve the discernment of individuals and organizations regarding which paradigm they are using to engage and drive change.  And how to evolve their work with Regenerative Practice Assessment and Regenerative Practice Education. 

Offerings for Individuals

Change Agent Development – a personal and professional development community for making a significant difference in your work and life




  • Newsletter
    • Periodic updates and recommendations from Carol Sanford, including readings and announcements of events, interviews, and Carol’s guest blogs on other platforms.
  • Podcasts, blogs, & articles
    • Business Second Opinion Blog and Podcast, a contrarian view of best business best practices as espoused in Harvard Business Review and other popular journals, along with alternatives that work from the Regenerative Paradigm and Regenerative Business Education. Opinions and ideas offered by Carol Sanford with Zac Swartout as host.
    • The Regenerative Life Podcast – coming soon
    • The Responsible Capitalist, interviews with investors who want their financial engagement to make a difference.
    • The Regenerative Business, interviews with business leaders pursuing regenerative principles, imperfectly but with discipline to evolve, built on the foundation of Regenerative Business Education.
    • Articles on Medium
    • Guest articles and appearances
  • Books by Carol Sanford
    • The Regenerative Business: Redesign Work. Cultivate Human Potential. Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes, Nicholas Brealey Press 2017. Hardback, Audible, and digital editions. Bulk Discounts of up to 50 percent and additional bonuses also available.
    • The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success, Jossey-Bass: A Wiley Imprint, 2011. Hardback, softcover, Audible, and digital editions.
    • The Responsible Entrepreneur: Four Game-Changing Archetypes for Founders, Leaders and Impact Investors. Jossey-Bass: A Wiley Imprint. Hardback, softcover, Audible, and digital editions.
    • No More Feedback: Cultivate Consciousness at Work, Carol Sanford Institute. 2019
    • The Regenerative Life: Transform Any Organization, Our Society, Your Destiny, Nicholas Brealey,  2020
    • Indirect Work: A Regenerative Change Theory for Businesses, Communities, Institutions, and Humans, InterOctave, 2022