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Checklist Manifesto

Checklist Manifesto and Systemic Frameworks

Checklists and Systemic Frameworks are both important approaches to guiding human activity. But they are not interchangeable. Atul Gawande’s new wonderful book, Checklist Manifesto, does not make that clear. There is a real chance, that because of the book’s success and his being a great thinker generally, that many people may get confused about where […]

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The only thing a business has to fear…..

As many have said, “fear is the great immobilizer”. But when it happens in your company it is costly and painful. And I have talked to far too many entrepreneurial owners and mainstream executives who are engaging with fearful employees who are becoming immobilized. Fear is showing itself in a very slowed down ability to […]

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Stop Problem Solving, Start Developing People

In western cultures, much of the training, guiding, nurturing and discipline comes from the reinforcement of generic cultural norms, and the desire to guide “off-track” behaviors back to the norm (e.g., be to work on time, be honest and responsible, adhere to the laws of the land, etc.). The developmental approach to leading business organizations […]

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Corporate Responsibility 3.0

We have started a new program at Antioch University, Seattle, for the Vanguard of the Corporate Responsibility movement. This certificate program is designed for third echelon leaders and entrepreneurs. If the following describes you, this program is geared to your needs: Level One: You were an early adopter and explored every possible way to have your company do what was right. New […]

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