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Article critiqued in this episode:

Harvard Business Review – Break Down Change Management into Small Steps

By Jeff Kavanaugh and Rafee Tarafdar – May 03, 2021

From this episode:

If we consider a capability like structured self-reflection – leading to being able to see one’s thinking at work – this is a capability that serves us in all walks of life.

In this episode:

The authors of this article propose a “new” change management approach which breaks down change initiatives into smaller increments in order to ease adoption and increase job satisfaction. Our take is that this is actually just a rehashed application of behavioral theory and will lead to the same negative effects. Instead, we offer a regenerative framework based on three premises:

  1. Capability development as leading strategy is core
  2. Initiate relevant, specific approach and actions in each arising situation with principles and shared frameworks for working
  3. Give meaning to change and development by connecting people directly to stakeholders

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