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Podcast #124 A Regenerative Approach to Innovation

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Carol’s topic for discussion: Examine innovation as related to The Regenerative Approach to business structure and creativity.

Innovation and the Process of Creativity Versus Behaviors

We will take capability for innovation vs. behaviors, and one process in innovation, the process of creativity. Let’s take it another step. Let’s move into the systems thinking view, a Regenerative view.


The articles up for review are:

Why Seclusion Is the Enemy of Creativity by Eliot Peper, September 10, 2018 Issue

How to Your Team’s Creativity  by Ron Carucci May 09, 2017


Misguided Idea of Emotional or Psychological Safe

  • Why it is not helpful to add to processes to accommodate to problems that other structures and process have caused.  It is really a lack of capability that can be developed in people, accelerating their ableness to work on hard, complex, and challenging ideas in mixed-level groups.
    • The idea of bosses or hierarchical leaders is a solution that is an accommodation rather than going back to go to start the game.
      • Like Carucci’s recommendation that leader’s need to create guardrails for teams on what and how to work when pursuing creativity.

What is foundational to innovation and creativity-From a living system view

  • We are stuck in view of all effort is about actualizing. Getting things to happen. Humans require three processes to bring about change and innovation through creativity.
    • Many people are thinking at the moment, “doesn’t that cover it all.” There are two processes when you think about successful systems that are not included here and affect why businesses don’t innovate or activate creativity in a meaningful way either for the buyers and users or the business in the return they get.
    • To learn more about the details on how to resign work systems check out The Regenerative Business which (in brief) discusses:
      • Making everyone capable so we can understand and engage with other, thereby to be self-determination.
      • Supporting people being able to rid themselves of all the accommodations built up over the years designed to manage people but are not needed any longer.
  • There is a simple framework which works over and over but gives new answers each time apply because things change. It’s called three lines of work.
  • Carol and every team who was in that system had a similar story from such. We have done the same thing at 100s of companies.
    • It is a creativity driven but also revenue driven at a minimum of 35% a year. No tradeoff or even balancing between Art and Commerce. These seemingly incompatible processes become the same thing in a systems framework; that is when it is about real people at work, for real clients, with the invested time for development of systems thinking capacity.
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