I love 800CEOREAD’s blog. 800CEOREAD sells books published by, well, publishers. Not DIY.  In spite of that this week they offer a fun and useful piece about DIY in the process of reviewing a book. It opens this way:

“We live in a do-it-yourself age. … Not only is the world more competitive than twenty years ago, there’s also our expanding life span, growing levels of education, a more open society in which people can seek individual fulfillment, and the trend towards second careers later in life. Not to forget the impact of the digital revolution—just look at how blogs and social media are changing journalism.

It’s worthwhile that amateurs are learning from professionals. It makes society more fluid and varied, and individuals more fulfilled, even in difficult economic times. As Jack Hitt writes in A Bunch of Amateurs, “the cult of the amateur is the soul of America. It’s really in our DNA that you can walk away from everything and start again in your metaphorical garage. Just think of Steve Jobs as one of the most iconic amateurs turned superstars.”

I have a published book, with a publisher, and another on the way. But I just reached into the DIY publishing world by setting up a list of ebooks for sale on Kindle. Very interesting experience. Check out three up so far. I don’t expect to become the Steve Jobs of self-epublishing but it is really fun and a way to get shorter ideas out into the world that are useful.

I also have about three seats left for the Change the World Without Changing Jobs tele seminar on this Thursday at 1 pm PT. If you are at all curious about being involved in one of four crowd-sourcing ways (from more effort, down to little demand on time and learning), then join us by signing up here. It is also recorded for later listening. Tell you friends as well.