CHANG(E)™ the World Without Changing Jobs

Two questions I’m asked repeatedly are, “Where might I go to get a job consistent with my values?” and “How can I, as an individual contributor, apply the ideas in your book, The Responsible Business?”

The answers to both questions are similar. “CHANG(E)™ principles are universal. They do not depend on a particular job or title. When you understand how change happens, you can lead significant change from any position in any situation.” My next book, The Responsible Human: Changing the World Without Changing Jobs™, and the courses that will follow from it will focus on building that understanding and capability.

I plan to “crowd source” parts of the new book with a select group of people who will work closely with me to learn how deep and lasting change happens and how it can be initiated and led by an individual contributor—executive or not—within any organizational role. On June 21 at 1:00pm Pacific Time, I will offer a free teleseminar introducing the ideas in the book and providing information on how to participate in the crowd sourcing. The teleseminar will also introduce the core ideas related to CHANG(E)™ and ways to lead major changes like those described in The Responsible Business.

Everyone is welcome to this free tele seminar. When you register for it, you also will get access on demand to the recorded call.

For many people the teleseminar will be the start they need to change their impacts in their current jobs. Those who want to understand more about change and leadership or to become one of the “crowd” in the book development process will learn how to go further.

The teleseminar is free but you must register. You may also listen at a later time if 1:oo on June 21 doesn’t work for you. If you are able to join us on the 21st, you will be able to ask questions, participate in the launching of a grand new book approach and learn a profound and proven way to engage organizations in change.

Register here.

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