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Top Five Errors of Responsible Entrepreneurs and the Acumen Needed to Avoid Them – Part 3

Yesterday we looked at the first two of Five Top Errors entrepreneurs make as they build and grow their businesses: paying too much attention to trends and competition; and misplaced measurements that cause loss of customer loyalty. Error Three: Taking On the Wrong Initiatives or Working On Them the Wrong Way Why is this an […]

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Three New Year’s Resolutions for The Responsible Entrepreneur

We as individuals love our New Year’s resolutions, those steps we promise ourselves we’ll take to improve our health, relationships, and prosperity. But research shows that most resolutions are forgotten within two weeks. It also confirms that when our friends make the same or similar resolutions, we stick with ours longer and do a better […]

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Nine Books for Responsible Entrepreneurs to Read in 2013: to change how you think about business

Building an Entrepreneurial Mind through Reading My list includes books on understanding yourself as an entrepreneur, your customers thinking and how the market works beyond what is visible.  None are written for business audiences exclusively, but have significant thinking to contribute. Only two are new, but the old ones lay a ground missing from some […]

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The Responsible Coach, Trainer, Consultant

Every coach, trainer, and consultant believes they can and do help build The Responsible Business. But do they really? Do they foster responsible behavior as part of their expertise and code of practice? Are they promoting practices that develop responsibility at all levels of business and society? What yardsticks do they use to assess their […]

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Chris MacDonald

Chris MacDonald on Seth Godin and No Such Thing As Business Ethics

Seth Godin and Chris MacDonald engage on business versus personal responsibility. I jump in.  

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Why Feedback Is Irresponsible and What To Do Instead: Part Two

Part of a series of six reflections on the impact of feedback processes, including 360º feedback on Responsibility behavior. It is based on six premises about human nature that are not well understood  

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Jeffrey Hollender

Sustainablity: Moving from “Less Harm” to “Deep Good”

Lately there’s a lot of conversation among business people about “doing good” in the world, rather than settling for doing “less bad.” Two weeks ago, at Sustainable Brands 2011 in Monterey, California, the conversation became a little louder and more intense—partly because Jeffrey Hollender was present. He has been using this language for the last few […]

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McDonald’s & Customers’ Lives: The Responsible Business’s Performance Indices

Health professionals and organizations have signed a letter to McDonald’s Corp, asking the maker of Happy Meals to stop marketing junk food to kids and to retire Ronald McDonald. McDonald’s has a responsibility for the health of children and that they expect the company to change many of its practices.  

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Michelle Quest

Build, Don’t Buy, Talent

Instead of spending thousands and hundreds of thousands on recruiting and hiring, build capaiblity into those you have. Stories and methods for how to do it.  

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Leadership, Responsibility, and Intrinsic Capability

On Monday the Responsible Business looked at the Egyptian protests from the tendency of many leaders to blame others for shortfalls that happen on their watch. I proposed that this was less an example of scapegoating than lack of capability to think systemically and read emerging patterns correctly. A significant contributor to this blame game is […]

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