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120: Four Levels of Design Thinking

      Sponsored by Numi Tea and REBBL. Please support our podcast by supporting our sponsors.   Today’s topic is Design Thinking which has been used for years in the creative world, particularly product design. But has in the last decade become what might be called a social technology considered important in everything from software behind the […]

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116: First Principles of Regeneration

Podcast Show Notes: #116 Carol’s Lesson: Examine what regeneration is and how the term is used in modern society. What is Regeneration? Regeneration is a process that only happens in Living Systems. It requires us to learn to see and work with life as living. We have spent so much time damaging things that are […]

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Hazards of Personality Typologies

102: The Hazard of Personality Typologies to Business and Humanity

Detoxing Myths of Modern Management: Can human beings be reliably categorized into types for management, learning and teaming purposes? Business Second Opinion Media has as it’s purpose detoxing modern business practices, which have arisen over a thousand years of work history, unexamined. That means exposing these work practices for their true effects, then adding a […]

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TRE -The Responsible Entrepreneur – Jeffrey Hollender

Jeffrey Hollender talks with Carol Sanford about how to find your essence and leverage it to lead industries.  

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