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David Brooks New York Times

State of the Union: Build, Not Buy Talent

Even before President Obama offered the annual State of the Union address this week many journalists had already dissected and responded to it from pre-issued copies. David Brooks of the New York Times gave a very interesting set of suggestions to Obama in the frame of a visionary guide to economic development and competitiveness. I would […]

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Founder Transition: Steve Jobs, Apple and Other Hard Handoffs

Steve Jobs has taken a leave from Apple for his health. New York Times Story today by Miguel Helft and Clair Cain Miller lays out some details: “The sudden decision by the company’s chief executive to take a medical leave for the third time in less than a decade raises anxieties about the leadership of the […]

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Why I Believe in Capitalism

Gregory Zuckerman, Wall Street Journal special reporter, and author of The Greatest Trade Ever, just tweeted: “Spoke re my book at Peking University, great questions-Everyone’s a capitalist today in the East, even as capitalism is disparaged in West” @GZuckerman Zuckerman’s tweet, reminded me about why I still believe in capitalism even knowing it needs a […]

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Drive by Daniel Pink

Implementing “Drive”: How to Design Work & Mgmt Systems for Intrinsic Motivation

Daniel Pink’s new book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, is very refreshing given that the upside down version of the theory behind his book has been embedded for years in Corporate America as well as government, not for profits, education institutions and parenting practices. The very thing that folks were convinced improved […]

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Building Intelligence: Making a Smarter Company

The focus on intelligence is based on the premise that the quality of thinking of the members ofthe organization will be the prime determiner of business and organizational success and the one capability on which the business could depend in all markets and conditions. The approach to development of intelligence emerges from “living systems theory” and is […]

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