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Holistic Systemic Strategy, Policy Making, and Planning

Let’s begin with a caveat. This will seem wrong to many of you. This is because it is not familiar and our brain prefers the familiar so it can conserve energy. Just remember this conservation is a threat to learning and discovery and particularly creativity and innovation. We have to manage our reactions to the […]

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Sustainability Virtual Summit

Go to a conference virtually. I am “speaking at” the Sustainability Virtual Conference in the US, the Europe and then Asia.March 30- April 1. Sponsored by the UN and Cisco Systems. Check it out.  

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Growing People

The quality and the potential of a business depends on its people. It isn’t surprising that smart businesses invest a lot in growing people. Unfortunately, most of those investments are costly and ineffective. Although the approaches used are based on sound reasoning and observation, they are too incomplete to work well with real human beings […]

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Drive by Daniel Pink

Drive, by Daniel Pink

Motivation is a subject on which I have spoken, published and consulted for 3 decades. Intrinsic Motivation that is and why Extrinsic motivation is so limiting and damaging to the very things a company holds most dear–especially if it is pursuing corporate responsibility. There has been so little available to stem the tide of misconstrued […]

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Checklist Manifesto

Checklist Manifesto and Systemic Frameworks

Checklists and Systemic Frameworks are both important approaches to guiding human activity. But they are not interchangeable. Atul Gawande’s new wonderful book, Checklist Manifesto, does not make that clear. There is a real chance, that because of the book’s success and his being a great thinker generally, that many people may get confused about where […]

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Beirut Climate Change

Many leaders going to Copenhagen conference came to Beirut two weeks before to start the talks. UN Foundation Senior Fellow, Dr. Mohamen Al-Ashry spoke on a panel with me. He was very hopeful at the time. Five parts of my talk on Carbon and then Moving from commodities to value-adding businesses, are now posted on […]

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This is Your Brain on Praise. Fried!!!

I have written and taught for years seeking to stop the “machine” started by 360 degree feedback and building of self-esteem guru Nathaniel Braden. It should be enough to know that it was originated by the German Military. They first began gathering feedback from multiple sources in order to evaluate performance during World War II […]

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The only thing a business has to fear…..

As many have said, “fear is the great immobilizer”. But when it happens in your company it is costly and painful. And I have talked to far too many entrepreneurial owners and mainstream executives who are engaging with fearful employees who are becoming immobilized. Fear is showing itself in a very slowed down ability to […]

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Developmental Economies—Story of Place®

McAllen Story of Place The talk I gave at the Seattle Chamber is now up in You Tube in 5 sections. First one is what story of place does for a community. Then Essence, Global Imperative, Vocation/Corporate Direction, Pattern Generating vs. Pattern Following  

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Green Talk Network: Building Deeper Green

Hear Carol on Internet Radio, August 28th noon ET. Voice America Green Talk Network. Carol is interviewed by Bill Reed and John Boecher, both architects who are founders and “evolvers” of LEED and USGBC. They are THE leaders of sustainable design practices and are challenging the current “less than stellar” approaches to built environments even […]

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