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Learn the top 5 errors responsible entrepreneurs make

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TRE – Responsible Entrepreneur – Ethan Roland and Gregory Landua

Carol Sanford, host of The Responsible Entrepreneur Podcast, talks to Ethan Roland and Gregory Landua about Terra Genesis.  

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Top Five Errors of Responsible Entrepreneurs and the Acumen Needed to Avoid Them – Part 4

This morning we looked at Error Three: choosing the wrong initiatives or the wrong ways to work on them. Error Four: Using Market Research to Know and Design for Your Customers Why is this an error? You fool yourself into thinking you know your market and lose the most critical opportunity for success—real, caring connections […]

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Why A Bahrain Protest? Aren’t They Rich?

  It’s true that the average income in Bahrain is much higher than in Egypt and Tunisia. But we make a mistake in thinking that the citizens’ movements in Egypt and Tunisia are about jobs and higher incomes. Or even food prices. These are serious concerns but not likely the most compelling reasons to risk […]

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