Toxic Practices


Excerpted from The Regenerative Business: Redesign Work, Cultivate Human Potential, Achieve Extraordinary Results. By Carol Sanford.

How healthy, or toxic, are the practices used in your organization? Are you sure you know the difference between what is toxic and what is good for business—and human development? Have some practices been around so long you take them for granted? Have you come to justify some practices as having a downside but defending them because you have no idea what else one might do? Or even worse, claiming they have some good, but with no comparison with what might service the humans and customers better, including you?  We do tend to defend the familiar?

There are over 100 documented practices, based on our research, in current use in organizations, that can undermine success of humans and the business. Take the quiz on the top thirty toxic practices and see where your organization stands. You will receive an email after submitting your filled in form along with which ones are toxic. And what to do instead on a few to get you started. And be added to our newsletter to keep learning more.

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