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Tag Archives | living systems

TRE – The Responsible Entrepreneur – Matt Abrams

Matt Abrams talks about his business, Mycelium, with Carol Sanford on The Responsible Entrepreneur Podcast.  

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Jeffrey Hollender

Sustainablity: Moving from “Less Harm” to “Deep Good”

Lately there’s a lot of conversation among business people about “doing good” in the world, rather than settling for doing “less bad.” Two weeks ago, at Sustainable Brands 2011 in Monterey, California, the conversation became a little louder and more intense—partly because Jeffrey Hollender was present. He has been using this language for the last few […]

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Umair Haque

Definitely The Next Adam Smith: Economic Recovery Is Not Enough

I have read every posting on Umair Haque’s blog for about six months now. That is rare for me. Even though I am a loyal person, this is not about loyalty but about deep meaning, innovation and practicality in the business sphere.  Those three qualities are rarely found in the same mind, and it’s especially […]

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Mark Dowie

Interview: A Different Paradigm of Sustainability

I reviewed Conservation Refugees: The Hundred-Year Conflict Between Global Conservation and Native Peoples, by Mark Dowie. This book is about the surprising upside-down effect of the conservation movement, especially in establishing the National Park Service.  Without understanding how active Native Peoples were in managing ecosystems to increase their vitality and health, they were systematically removed. […]

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Beirut Climate Change

Many leaders going to Copenhagen conference came to Beirut two weeks before to start the talks. UN Foundation Senior Fellow, Dr. Mohamen Al-Ashry spoke on a panel with me. He was very hopeful at the time. Five parts of my talk on Carbon and then Moving from commodities to value-adding businesses, are now posted on […]

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Building Intelligence: Making a Smarter Company

The focus on intelligence is based on the premise that the quality of thinking of the members ofthe organization will be the prime determiner of business and organizational success and the one capability on which the business could depend in all markets and conditions. The approach to development of intelligence emerges from “living systems theory” and is […]

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