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Why Feedback Is Irresponsible and What To Do Instead: Part Two

Part of a series of six reflections on the impact of feedback processes, including 360º feedback on Responsibility behavior. It is based on six premises about human nature that are not well understood  

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Why Feedback Is Irresponsible and What To Do Instead: Part One of Six

Providing feedback to peers, subordinates, and even superiors—particularly the 360 Degree view of performance appraisal—became popular as scientists and engineers began to understand how cybernetic systems work in computer applications. The creators of these artificial intelligence systems discovered that feedback loops are critical for correcting and adjusting the performance of control mechanisms, such as thermostats […]

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Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! What is Business’s Responsibility?

There is a loud and escalating cry for businesses to create jobs in order to put people to work—and an equally strong debate about why businesses aren’t doing it and what their responsibility is in periods of high unemployment. This week’s post looks at what businesses can do and what they should take responsibility for. […]

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Reimagining Management and Teams

Management is still pretty traditional in most business. Teams are talked about but rarely implemented in deep ways. And there are few who use the principle of what Responsible Management looks — which improved democracy, capitalism, EArth and community regeneration, while improve customer lives and giving enduring ethical returns.  

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Old-fashioned Appreciation: Authenticity Versus Programs

A much better ways for manager’s to work with motivation than recognition programs. And manager’s and workers like it much better and it works.  

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What Is a Great Business? What is a Responsible Business?

What is the difference between a Responsible Business and a Great Business  

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Employee Morale & Loyalty: The Drivers

There are two drivers for employee morale, loyalty, and productivity. They are the same in up and down markets. But they are really forgotten during down times  

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Developmental Leadership: Reimaging Leadership in The Responsible Business

Leadership is a much spoken about and highly misunderstood subject. It is most often seen as a role of inspiration and motivation. If leadership is to ensure a business being successful and also responsible, it is to be neither of these.  

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The Responsible Business by Carol Sanford

10 Changes to Elevate Your Business To The Next Level: Success & Responsibility

10 Changes to become a more responsible Business. What limits many businesses from achieving their ends in financial and responsibility are the same. How to work on both simultaneously and without tradeoffs.  

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Michelle Quest

Build, Don’t Buy, Talent

Instead of spending thousands and hundreds of thousands on recruiting and hiring, build capaiblity into those you have. Stories and methods for how to do it.  

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