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New York Times

Maliki: Why he is being deserted?

Maliki, Iraq’s besieged President, has given us an example of falling down on what it means to ensure the working of Democracy. That part will come as no surprise! But what may surprise you is what Maliki forgot, which is, people have to care for something beyond themselves, not feel beholden to a power structure. […]

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Three New Year’s Resolutions for The Responsible Entrepreneur

We as individuals love our New Year’s resolutions, those steps we promise ourselves we’ll take to improve our health, relationships, and prosperity. But research shows that most resolutions are forgotten within two weeks. It also confirms that when our friends make the same or similar resolutions, we stick with ours longer and do a better […]

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Entrepreneurs – Grow Your Business, Responsibly

The Responsible Entrepreneur versus The Social Entrepreneur The Fourth of July parade I just watched in my new hometown, abutting north Seattle, reminded me of something really important about America. We are entrepreneurial to our core. The rugged individual is in our DNA. The rebel, take-no-prisoners archetype is how we brag and demonstrate our mettle—men and women. […]

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Why Feedback Is Irresponsible and What To Do Instead: Part Three

Why feedback in all it forms promotes irresponsibility in an organization and undermines creating The Responsible Business  

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Reimagining Management and Teams

Management is still pretty traditional in most business. Teams are talked about but rarely implemented in deep ways. And there are few who use the principle of what Responsible Management looks — which improved democracy, capitalism, EArth and community regeneration, while improve customer lives and giving enduring ethical returns.  

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Egyptian Leadership Blames “Outsiders”— Another Example of How Responsibility Depends on Personal Capability

Egyptian leaders have finally met with protestors. Not much has changed. What jumped out in the headlines today was Mubarak’s assertion that the protests are stimulated and fueled by outsiders. The country would not have all these problems if outsiders would just leave them alone. My post won’t offer a different way to understand these particular […]

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Harvard Business Review

Egypt, the Middle East, and Authentic Leadership

As we watch Egyptian officials make statements for the purpose of stabilizing a very volatile situation, and as President Obama and members of Congress consider how the U.S. might intervene, we are reminded of the challenge of leadership—no matter what our persuasions and philosophy. I have been working with AFED, a not-for-profit in Beirut, which […]

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Egypt Explained: Fueled By a Basic Human Drive

What is driving protest in Cairo? The Egyptian uprising has many causes, but I’m not talking about the usual assumptions. Certainly it is about a lack of freedom to choose one’s leader. And about brutality at the hands of a military that should be protecting its own people. And a lack of jobs that forces […]

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President Kennedy’s Inaugural Address and The Responsible Business

In a joint press release Senate majority leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner announced that Congressional leaders will mark the anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s inauguration with a tribute today at noon. Reading this note and hearing President Kennedy’s address on NPR reminded me of what was without doubt the most memorable moment in that […]

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Mehra Amol

Political Donations without Transparency Threaten Democracy

@AMOLMEHRA wrote an excellent piece for Forbes CSR blog. Until businesses see democracy, along with sustainability, as part of CSR, they do not represent The Responsible Business. Every action, including how they manage employees, promote democracy. Engaging in dialogue and building non-hierarchical organizations supports democracy. People learn to blame others when not in a self-organizing […]

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