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122: Heeding Einstein’s Admonition- Use a different Mind to create new ideas

What does Einstein mean by “using a different mind to create a solution than the mind that created the problem”? This episode gives you a way to assess that— every time. We look at the alternatives to Feedback and why they fall short in this regard.  Why is the fix often little better or even […]

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107: Produce Enlightened Innovation Using Conflict

Response to HBR Article:: How to Handle a Disagreement on Your Team by Jeanne Brett & Stephen B Goldberg. Record: Nov 19, 2017.    Uploads: Nov 30 Creating a Culture and Capability of External Considering There are four levels of being considerate: Kindness, Empathy, Compassion, Caring and the effects of each. Conflict and Failure as […]

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106: Design your organization to use Change Management and Leadership to pursue enlightened innovation, not targeted amelioration

Do you Introduce Change for Innovation or Amelioration? HBR Article: Change Management and Leadership Development Have to Mesh by Ryan W. Quinn and Robert E. Quinn. JANUARY 07, 2016. Record: Nov 19, 2017 Podcast Script outline: Setting the Stage:  Does your change management process to ameliorate or innovate for your organization? Carol’s Lesson: Epistemologies of […]

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