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Pursuing Responsible Growth in a Slow Economy

Collins/Woermann is a developer in Seattle WA, who like others was extraordinarily affected by stagnation in the housing, office and industrial building sectors leaving them hit hard by the recession. But they did something different that gives a new pattern for thinking about growth and maybe even a way to measure economic growth. They innovated […]

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Wired to Care

Wired to Care by Dev Patnaik and Peter Mortenson—Book Review

Wiring your company to care can change fair trade to care trade, upping the level of responsibility to truly making a better world. Doing less harm or following standard best practices is no longer sufficient.  

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Links for the New Corporate Fair Trade

For a company to go Beyond Corporate Responsibility as currently conceived, it takes a human and economic interest in the vitality and viabilities of the communities from which they source materials and affect labor. The key to such human interest is the connecting of each person in the business to the effects of their sourcing  in […]

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Green Talk Network: Building Deeper Green

Hear Carol on Internet Radio, August 28th noon ET. Voice America Green Talk Network. Carol is interviewed by Bill Reed and John Boecher, both architects who are founders and “evolvers” of LEED and USGBC. They are THE leaders of sustainable design practices and are challenging the current “less than stellar” approaches to built environments even […]

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Developmental Economies® emerge for Story of Place®

Carol Sanford and Joel Glansberg on Chautauqua, KVNF, Public Radio. We explore the meaning of Story of Place® in creating Developmental Economies®. “Developmental Economies®” (DE) involve the Business community in a different and more effective way. DE is a way of improving the vitality and viability of existing business and creating and incubator for new […]

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Corporate Responsibility Redefined

Corporate Responsibility is understanding that every thing we do, every part of our business, EVERYTHING, is creating the society we live in and the planet we live on. “Corporate” literally means “the body of the whole” from ancient Latin. So Corporate Responsibility is about being responsible for both the whole company and the whole in […]

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