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Executive Plus Book Club

Announcing the Executive Plus Book Club

So, you own The Regenerative Business via a Bulk Buy Perfect! (not too late if not). You set up a local book club with our guidelines.  You downloaded the licensed workbook— or plan to soon. Then monthly, you have attended an online Premier Book Club, (or watched the recordings). That is coming to a completion.   Wait!  You are starting to get the radical difference this approach offers. How can it be over? There were more questions to get answered. You now understood more each chapter and found more as you read deeper.

But you are not done! Can we do that all again? But deeper? Well here is the opportunity to ask your questions and learn more of what is behind the stories in the book.



The Regenerative Business Book Club we conducted on site moved our organization deeper into rethinking how we work than anything else we have done. It got people moving themselves regarding how to run a business, versus us telling them. Meeting to hear Carols answer to our questions was so illuminating. Having the author respond was really beyond what you ever get with a new book. The book and book club are recommended highly. Marcus Sheffer

Partner, Seven Group

What you get

As an Executive Book Club member you will have the opportunity to participate in nine more calls with Carol featuring your questions and her answers (spaced 6 weeks apart.) Members will submit their new questions a week before and Carol will ask people, with experience in creating Regenerative Businesses, to respond. In addition, she will give her own second opinion in a webinar each Zoom meeting.

Focus of the Executive Plus Book Club:

  • Toxic Practices – why they are each contrary to the 3 Human Capacities and 3 Organizational Conditions.
  • Organizational Conditions – the different ways that businesses have designed them
  • Core Team – how to get it set up and functioning; along with Market Field Teams
  • Culture Design – Practices and processes to change rituals, taboos, symbols and what status is given to. 

Each Webinar:

Recorded Interviews with leaders in the Case Stories in the book and beyond. They answer questions with Carol.

Second Opinion Book Club:


From July 2018 to June 2019

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