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The Necessary Revolution by Peter Senge

The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals and organizations are working together to create a Sustainable World

Book Review: Part I Value of TNR: The theme of The Necessary Revolution is that we must shift beyond being reactive in our solutions approach, merely seizing short term solutions, and move to deep thinking to really make a difference. I strongly agree. The book includes many stories of what organizations and individuals are doing […]

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Six Core Capabilities of Consciousness (Part 1 of 6)

Consciousness and capabilities of consciousness are NOT gained or ‘learned’ by training (i. e. practicing with new behaviors that are taught—it has too many non-behavioral aspects) or by lecture (e.g inspirational  messages or details speeches that makes one  want to be more conscious in engaging in one’s life and living). The capabilities and resulting consciousness […]

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Consciousness at Work

You may, mistakenly, think of consciousness as a subject purely related to contemplation and Eastern spiritual practices and relevant only to far out business founders who meditation.  Or maybe to psychology and the working of the brain, only of interest to brain surgeons or shrinks. It may surprise you to know that it is a […]

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Corporate Responsibility 3.0

We have started a new program at Antioch University, Seattle, for the Vanguard of the Corporate Responsibility movement. This certificate program is designed for third echelon leaders and entrepreneurs. If the following describes you, this program is geared to your needs: Level One: You were an early adopter and explored every possible way to have your company do what was right. New […]

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