Courageous leaders today are calling for a disruptive yet effective way of working:

one that unlocks significant new levels of innovation, delivers enduring financial results, creates exceptional customer loyalty while simultaneously building human capacity to contribute to ongoing positive change.

The good news is there is a proven, but infrequently taken, path. Through a fundamentally contrasting paradigm, Carol tells us why today’s so-called business “best practices” can’t work and how to become virtually non-displaceable in the market. This is The Regenerative Business.

Carol Sanford works with executive leaders and their teams who see the possibility of the Future of Work — one that not only delivers extraordinary financial results but impacts far beyond to the broader marketplace in which they operate, the communities in which they live, even uplifting the democracy in which they participate.

Carol looks at the world through a fundamentally game changing paradigm of how human organization can work and challenges leaders to strip away preconceptions about how great businesses operate. Are you ready?

Carol Sanford has received the Lifetime Trust Award and has recently been added to the 2018 Top Conscious Company Leaders List!

Click the link below to learn more about why Carol is being recognized by Conscious Company as a Global Impact Leader.

Multi-Award Winning Author of Five Books

The Regenerative Life

In THE REGENERATIVE LIFE, Carol Sanford shows you how to fundamentally change the roles you play in society, enabling you to do more than you ever believed possible; grow yourself and others, provide astounding innovations for your clients, children and students, generate extraordinary social returns, become more creative, and bring new life and opportunity to everything around you.

THE REGENERATIVE LIFE teaches you to see your roles differently: stripping away all preconceptions of how it should be done, understanding what your role is at its core, and building yourself back up to become something new; something so grounded, inspiring, and resilient, it can change the world.

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Jeffrey Hollender“Carol Sanford uniquely understands how to develop more conscious, creative, innovative, and intentional human beings. Her work contributed to exponentially increasing the value of my company and perhaps more important, helped us discover that work can be deeply fulfilling in ways that feed your soul.”

Jeffrey Hollender
Founding CEO of Seventh Generation, American Sustainable Business Council and Founding Member of B Corp.

Tom PetersCarol Sanford’s book No More Feedback is clearly on my Top 5 management books of the century to date. It is brilliant, readable, incredibly well researched, contrarian, and ridiculously important.  I would travel many a mile to hear her speak and pray that her audience would listen intently—and act decisively. The world would be the better for it.

Tom Peters
Author In Search of Excellence. Top 5 Management Books of All Time.

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