Corporate Responsibility 3.0

We have started a new program at Antioch University, Seattle, for the Vanguard of the Corporate Responsibility movement. This certificate program is designed for third echelon leaders and entrepreneurs. If the following describes you, this program is geared to your needs:

Level One:

You were an early adopter and explored every possible way to have your company do what was right. New “Level One” leaders are now entering the field in a meaningful way based on your example.

Level Two:

You became a leader in the field and people ask you for advice and ideas. You have presented at conferences, published your story and continued to move closer to your vision of what a responsible corporation looks like.

Level Three:

You now know it is time to step up your expectations and lead the next phase of corporate responsibility. You are ready to go beyond the paradigm of “do less harm” and find ways to regenerate systems – both human and planetary. You recognize that responsibility needs to be integrated throughout the organization and must utilize the most innovative strategies. You are thinking about or already are working on being part of local economies or community development yet know it will require consciousness not to repeat the problems of the global scale in the rush to jump on the local-economies bandwagon. You want to know about developmental economies that foster growth and the health of business, whether local or global, in the place where you are based

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