Concepts uniquely designed for each audience:
  Consciousness Infrastructure and Top-Line Growth
  • 6 Elements of Business Design for Growth (audio clip)
  • Real Sustainable Growth Depends on Consciousness
  • Strategic Alignment from Senior Executive to Front Line
  Whole In One: Financial Returns, Social Responsibility and Customer Loyalty Without Trade-offs
  • The Systemic Relationship That Leverages All Stakeholders For Success
  • Core Values of Customers, Employees, Communities, Investors: Binding Them Together Through These Values
  • The Five Types of Capital and How to Manage Them Synergistically
  Intelligent Business Practices: A Proven Revolutionary Approach to Leading a Company to Ethical Financial Effectiveness, Meaningful Work, Authentically Useful Non-displaceable Product Offerings, and a Profound Legacy For the Planet
  • High Earnings, High Ethics, High Human Efficacy (audio clip)
  Toxic Business Practices: Knowing When You're Doing More Harm Than Good
  • 30 Practices Toxic to Growth and Innovation; 18 Effective Practices That Ensure Growth, Innovation, and Flexibility (audio clip)
  • Best Practices That Are Toxic to Growth and Innovation (audio clip(1), audio clip(2))
  The Human Consciousness Factor: The Invisible Link to Business Effectiveness
  • Seven Leadership Sins Deadly to consciousness, AND therefore to growing your business
  • Conscious Business Practices for Strategic Thinking and Leadership (audio clip)
  Leadership Intelligence: Emotional, Executional, and Change - How to Identify, When to Use, How to Develop the System That Comprises
  • How Different Brains Effect Intelligences and Why The Development of Each is Critical
  • What Builds Intelligence in Each Area, and What Dumbs It Down
  DuPont Leadership Council  
  Seattle Chamber of Commerce  
  Antioch University, Seattle  
  Washington State University, Strategic Leadership Institute  
  Colgate Palmolive Europe, European Leadership Team  
  Agilent Inc, Financial Leadership Team  
  Minority Leadership Council  
  SGI, Executive Leadership Development  
  Nike, American’s Sales and Marketing Teams  
  Seventh Generation, Inc, Annual Leadership Retreat  
  Con-Agra, Grocery Products Executive Team  
  Northwest Biotech Conference  
  Women’s Business Enterprise Conference  
  Greater Seattle Business Association  
  Sharp Electronics, Research and Development Forum  
  Sierra Pacific Crafts, Retail Association  
  Clorox Inc. Kingsford Executives  
  Protein Technologies, Pacific Operations  
  Colgate Palmolive African Operations Executive and Operations Team  
  Warner Lambert, Sales and Marketing Conference  
  Merck Pharmaseuticals, Human Resource Executives Annual Conference  
  US Bank, Investment Group  
  Specialty Minerals, Inc. Sales Conference and Workshops  
  Hispanic Chamber of Commerce  
  Smith Klein Beecham, R & D World Conference  
  University of Vermont, Innovation Conference  
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