Finding a speaker whose message is innovative, relevant to your organization and entertaining for executive audiences can be challenging. Most people take on too little and dream too small to realize the most of themselves. I am committed to helping businesses awaken a deeper sense of possibilities and pointing them toward meaningful discoveries and contributions. From my experience of working with executives the past 27 years, I will design a creative and aspirational presentation to meet the needs of your audience. I look forward to working with you.
~Best regards, Carol
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It’s a hell of a way to run a business -- consuming more resources than you bring in, selling off your assets, and cooking the books to make things look good. Yet, says Carol Sanford, that is precisely how humans are operating the vast enterprise of living on earth. The U.S. runs a particularly unsuccessful “Business of Inhabitation,” as Sanford calls it, taking up four times more resources than any other nation.

In this lecture given at MIT Sloane School of Management in November 2006, Carol Sanford holds that the business model a useful way of thinking about issues of sustainability, not least because changing corporate behavior will have a large impact on consumption of energy and other critical resources. She notes current efforts to meet the challenges of sustainability, such as government regulation of industry intended to control different types of pollution. Some corporations have even undergone an “environmental awakening,” like DuPont, which in some of its dirtiest ventures (such as mining titanium from Australia’s mountains) has pledged to be neutral in impact.

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  Stranova Interview Series: Regenerative Systems Thinking  
  In this program, Stranvova explores with Carol how to begin strategic planning from a very different perspective, developing the capacity in your team to think about strategy in a more systemic manner. Carol gives more details on this approach using examples from two different clients, Kingsford Charcoal and DuPont Titanium Dioxide; and how this unusally approach leaders to highly creative breakthroughs in business strategies.  
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  Fully Integrated Business  (.mp3, 0:54 runtime)
  Being the Source of Solution  (.mp3, 1:08 runtime)
  Toxic Business Practices  (.mp3, 1:00 runtime)
  Waking People UP at Work  (.mp3, 7:28 runtime)
  Stop 360 Feedback  (.mp3, 3:25 runtime)
  Stop Reward and Recognition Awards  (.mp3, 2:16 runtime)
  Top Line Growth  
  The following clip is a recording of a lecture given by Carol to the Vermont Business Center of the University of Vermont this past fall. In it she discusses the different kinds of business growth culminating in evolution of 'Top Line Growth' and what that means in a dynamic business field.  
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