Carol Sanford

Success Without Tradeoffs

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Success Without Tradeoffs: Achieving Dramatic Improvements For All The Business' Stakeholders

(Executive Summary in At Work: Stories of Tomorrow's Workplace, Jan/Feb, 1998) 

This is a case study that show how Kingsford Charcoal (a subsidiary of the Clorox Company) followed a Developmental Change Process that :

  • Enabled production of the same tonnage with just 5 plants it had previously taken 13 facilities and 2 contractors to deliver.
  • Redefined the safety program standard well below the industry average injury rate, while quality improved 10-fold.
  • Introduced an on-going stream of new and competitively unique products at one-third the former introduction time and twice the rate of success they had experienced before.
  • Increased profits by 250% positioning their products at #1 or #2 in the industry in every category in sales.
  • Won State awards for good citizenship (Kentucky) and National awards for product design (Fortune Magazine).
Will Lynn, the President of Kingsford, who worked with the consulting firm InterOctave Development Group to lead the change process in Kingsford, summarized the approach and success of Kingsford in this way: "These kinds of successes begin with a linking process, not only of the employee's goals with the business, but also both of these with the aims of all of the stakeholders to the business. The customer does better, the supplier does better, the shareholder does better, the landlord who rents you the building does better, and communities do better." 18 pgs


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